Zone 4: Fredericton

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Zone 4 members (approximately 20) train in both the air and on the ground to provide support to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) searches for missing aircraft or persons. In addition, we promote aviation safety.

In Zone 4 all members are given the opportunity to certify in various roles. These roles require ongoing training to maintain currency and ensure we are ready in the event of an actual search.

Members need not be overwhelmed by ongoing training expectations. Some certify in multiple roles while others choose to certify and maintain currency in one.

Members act as part of an aircrew or ground homing team. For both training and actual searches, the aircrew heads to the aircraft and the ground crew heads to their vehicles. We fly a Cessna 182 privately owned aircraft. We serve as spotters on the CF CC-130 Hercules aircraft and Cormorant when requested by RCAF.

Our base is near the Fredericton International Airport (CYFC) it serves as a hub for Zone members whether they are training or preparing for a search. This is the RCAF Search Headquarters (SHQ) in the event of an actual search.

We don’t work alone. There are two other zones in the province: Miramichi and Saint John. Nationally, the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) with hundreds of zones across Canada like ours have apporximately 9.985 million km² of Canada covered. That’s the job. That’s why we’re here. CASARA’s motto is:

"That Others May Live"

Zone 4 Volunteer Roles

Your skills and those we teach you enable you fill many positions like a pilot, spotter, navigator, radio operator, ground homing specialist, search driver, RPAS pilot, first aid and safety officer, assistant search master, search coordinator, instructor, training officer, social media contributor, commander and deputy commander, administrator, committee chair, director and deputy director. What you take on is a sliding scale, you choose the best fit for you!

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Membership Requirements

You do not need to be a pilot to volunteer for CASARA; no previous aviation experience required just an interest in training in the search and rescue aviation community. Here are some of our core membership requirements in becoming a member within our zone:

  • Membership requirements are at least 18 years old.
  • Must demonstrate they are either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, have a work permit or other legal basis to live and work in the country.
  • Known to zone membership through some means such as an interview.
  • Must not be deemed ineligible for membership by the national office.
  • Membership in a CASARA MO must be renewed annually. The term is for a maximum of 15 months and expires on March 31 of the appropriate year.


Initial contact for any of these following people should be through:

Zone Commander: Randy Adams
Zone Deputy Commander: Trevor Johnson
Zone Administrator: Samantha Grant
Zone Training Officer: Richard Mann
Zone Quartermaster: Bob Gibson
Zone and Provincial Safety Officer: Matt Cassidy
Zone Outreach and Membership: Merredith Brewerr
Zone Chief Pilot: Daniel Robb

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