Join us and make a difference.

Do you pay particular attention to news stories about people missing in the wilderness and think, “I wish I could help”?

If you love aviation and have a passion for adventure and helping people, we need you. NBCASAR is looking for volunteers to offer their time, skills, ideas and energy. Volunteers are called upon to quickly locate and assist in a variety of situations where trained quick response air search capacity is required; or where you like to work with computers and maintain electronic records.

When you become a member of NBCASAR, you join more than approximately 1,800 volunteers nationwide as part of the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA). We are the men and women who support the Royal Canadian Air Force Search and Rescue missions as spotters on military search aircraft. We also provide pilots, navigators, spotters and aircraft when needed by the three Joint Rescue Coordination Centres in Canada.

We train all our volunteers to professional standards and all members are certified by CASARA.

Our unpaid professionals put in hundreds of hours annually to become as proficient as possible and ensure the highest level of service to those in need.

Join CASARA and make a difference.